Why You Should Visit Cannes

Cannes still lacks the high-speed rail connection, which forces the use of the motorway. Cannes is 36 kilometers from Nice, 55 from Monaco and 60 from the Italian border. Marseille is 175 km away, Montpellier 300, Barcelona 635 and Bilbao 970. The nearest airport is Nice (Nice-Provence-Côte d’Azur) a half hour, but the busiest is Marseille .

Cannes is an average city, with 70,000 inhabitants it is not a city, but we must be careful in spring, with the arrival of the Film Festival, and in summer as the population increases disproportionately. Its a great time to show up with a luxury vehicle that you can hire from reputable agencies like Apex Luxury Car Hire Cannes.

The city comes out of the darkness of history in the Middle Ages, but in a very humble way. It will not be until the Modern Age in the midst of the Franco-Spanish and Franco-English wars that the city will gain importance, above all, by the appetite of the enemy powers towards the Islands of Lérins. Already in the nineteenth century the Chancellor of England Lord Henry Brougham and Vaux settled in Cannes, beginning a peak that will make this a spa town full of aristocrats, in search of healthy climates.

Multiple residences will be built at this time to welcome such illustrious guests in winter. Thanks to the aristocracy, the coast of the Riviera and the Italian Riviera will gradually gain a prestige and development unknown to date. Among all the cities, Nice, Monaco, Antibes, etc., Cannes will stand out thanks to the international renown that the Film Festival will award in the 20th century. Today, Cannes has become a media city. Now they are no longer the aristocrats, refugees, maybe in Monaco, now they are the actors, writers, before the painters, and above all, the famous ones who invade it, year after year, during the Festival.

Because of the intense tourist activity the hotel sector has developed enormously and with it the luxury shops and restaurants. However, the image, a showcase of French and European luxury, which Cannes and, by extension, the entire French Riviera represents, must be taken as a false screen, made for tourists, and not as the reality of Provence or France. Therefore, to consume in moderation and without being fooled by appearances and hiring a luxury vehicle from Apex.

Town Hall (Hôtel de Ville) and Promenade de la Croisette

This walk, on the edge of the Mediterranean is one of the best known in the world, being one of its greatest attractions. The Palais des Festivals is one of the emblematic buildings, there every year in mid-May a red carpet is extended to the best-known actors in Hollywood, France and the rest of the world. During the fortnight, the cinema invades the city, everything occupies it and the city lives for the Festival, for the cinema.

Sumptuous palaces surround the promenade, such as the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel, the Martinez Hotel, the Majestic or the Stephanie Palace (former Noga Hilton).