The 5 Best Restaurants to go to if you’re in Quebec

The city of Quebec is a gastronomically active site, for its European roots, it has thousands of restaurants distributed throughout the city, offering a wide variety of dishes to all the tourists that visit the city every year and citizens. There are restaurants of all kinds of culture and with a great variety of flavors, smells and textures. Here is a list of the 5 best restaurants to go to when visiting Quebec.

Café Saint-Malo

Its name comes from a fishing village, this place is open since 1982 that is, it has been open for 36 years in Quebec, where it has two main chefs, one is from Bordeaux and the other from Quebec itself.

In this place, they serve traditional food, such as the traditional French onion soup, and several other dishes filled with seasonal and delicious ingredients, created by family recipes.

It has a terrace where you can enjoy each of its dishes and enjoy a wonderful view of the entire city, during the summer, is the time when the restaurant is most visited by the holiday season.

Le Saint-Amour

Le Saint-Amour is one of the best-known family restaurants, happiness is its motto, it is located in a beautiful old building in the city, opened since 1978, its chef is French so his dishes also have that origin, his Thematical is natural and is based on that.

The restaurant, for its natural and fresh theme, has a greenhouse where they grow their products and ingredients. They also grow them in a room decorated for the same which customers can visit


Located in the Auberge Saint-Antoine, a really nice Boutique-Hotel, it is located a restaurant that has struggled to introduce modern cuisine into the streets of Quebec, occupying two spaces built in the 19th century. The climate of the restaurant gives a feeling of a pop restaurant, what makes strong competition to traditional restaurants established in the city.

Restaurant Légende

A restaurant that sets the trend since the first night it was founded, since 2014, this restaurant has had a unique aspect that is its impressive menu created by the famous chef Émile Tremblay, it puts maximum dedication to each of the dishes that leave the restaurant.

It is also characterized by using local ingredients with a new function, for example, mushrooms are very common in Quebec, Chef Émile Tremblay takes them fresh and gives them a new image and a different flavor.

Use different types of fish in their dishes, both raw and cooked, all these characteristics generate maximum exclusivity to this restaurant in the city.

J.A. Moisan

One of the oldest markets in America which was founded in 1871, it has been remodeled over time, improving its facade and structure.

In it you can enjoy a picnic day with a basket, trying the most traditional food, cheeses, fresh bread, jams of all kinds, among many other things.

It is a very picturesque place which is why it is used to take pictures, and it is so picturesque that the exterior of this place was designed by Instagram.

In the entire city of Quebec, there are many incredible restaurants, which you cannot miss, its gastronomic culture is very varied therefore the restaurants are also, do not forget, if you go to Quebec, go prepared to eat.

5 Tourist Attractions to Visit Next Time You’re in Quebec

Canada is a country with a lot of attractions to visit for tourists and citizens who live there, both historical, fun, educational and of all kinds. The province of Quebec has a part of these tourist attractions and here is a list of tourist places you should definitely visit in Quebec.

The Canadian Museum of History

The museum of the history of Canada dates from the year 1856, is one of the oldest in the world, its collection contains objects of more than 20,000 years of antiquity and has more than 4 million of them, has a large room with objects of great importance for the country.

It has a 3D + cinema, in which movies are reproduced films related to the history of the country and the world geography. There is also a great variety of samples of houses and native figures. In the museum, we can find a wonderful view of the Ottawa River.

Quartier du Petit Champlain

In Quebec European roots are handled, by their French descent, therefore their thought has some European form, with that comes the Quartier du Petit Champlain which is an old Canadian neighborhood, one of the oldest in North America with great French influence, this Full of clothing stores, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Its streets are made of stone and in them the smell of restaurants is fascinating, so if you want to visit this neighborhood, go prepared to taste delicious traditional foods.

Old Montreal

Its name is right, Old Montreal, is a tourist area of Quebec, dating from 1642, this area is where the city of Montreal was created, its streets are made of European stone and are visited by tourists on foot or by bicycle, It is the center of the city where hundreds of shops are located, such as boutiques, restaurants, cafes and sources of sod.

In January this area is completely full, tourists visit the city to make igloos, this in the Igloofest, a festival of electronic music held in the city during the winter.

Hôtel de Glace

It is the only ice hotel located in North America, and fortunately is located in the city of Quebec, which has been hosting tourists for more than 15 years, each time with more creative ideas, from an ice bar, a spa where you can be for an hour enjoying relaxing massages, to an ice bed where you can sleep.

From January to March you can enjoy this place with a warmer temperature, but it will still be cold.

The Montreal Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden, one of the largest in the world, where you can stop and feel the smell of different flower species, in total about 22,000 including trees, in which are 20 greenhouses, 10 thematic gardens and shops in which You can buy souvenirs related to the same garden.

In it, we can find exotic flowers such as orchids, lotus flowers, and tropical flowers kept in thanks to the greenhouses that are there. It is very close to the city downtown, being just a few minutes from the Olympic stadium and the bio dome.

These and many more sites are important attractions in the city of Quebec, Montreal, where you can enjoy different places of interest and recreation. Therefore, if you go to Quebec, you will not spend your dull stay.

4 Canadian Tourist Attractions to Be Aware Of in 2018

Canada is the second largest country in the world, a country with thousands of kilometers of extension, in which are very beautiful tourist attractions, in most of its states such as Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto there are one or more attractions important to visit, so here is a list of 4 Canadian tourist attractions to be aware of in 2018

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most known natural attractions around the world, is located approximately one hour driving from Toronto, these large waterfalls fall from 57 meters high attracting more than 3 million tourists a year.

Since the 19th century, this park has been attracting tourists from all over the world, due to its beautiful location and natural view, this park serves as the border with the United States, specifically with the state of New York, therefore it is very visited by American citizens.

Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

Banff National Park is a beautiful national park that has beautiful views and turquoise lakes, is one of the most beautiful natural scenes of Canada, in this park you can enjoy beautiful scenery which is the Rocky Mountains, located in the province of Alberta.

The most coveted activity in this park is to sail in the lake, where you can use a kayak to navigate, you can also observe glaciers to which you can have easy access by walking. To the south, specifically at the end of the park, there are spaces to accommodate tourists, where there are accommodations, shops, places to eat and play.

This is a park completely recommended to practice snow sports such as skiing, as it is the home of Lake Louise Ski Resort which is the most prestigious site in the park.

Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec)

Old Quebec is an area declared a UNESCO heritage, it is one of the oldest areas in all of Canada, it contains old houses and buildings which are protected by the laws so that they are not modified. The zone is divided into two, the highest zone and the lowest zone. In the upper area, there is a building with more than 100 meters high where the Citadel finds its home, as well as the Parque Historique de l’Artillerie and the Plains of Abraham.

This is one of the historical zones that attract more tourists to all of Canada, it has art galleries in which artists can show their works, besides there are several outstanding museums like the Musée de la Civilization. You can get a diversity of shops and restaurants of all kinds.

Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

In Manitoba, is one of the most desired and amazing attractions in the world, is the Global Migration of Polar Bears, in this, you can see beautiful creatures in their natural environment. In this area, there is a small community which takes advantage of the visit of tourists and offers its services, including a buggy service, with windows for tourists to see the polar bears.

This beautiful show can be observed in October or in November depending on the temperature of the weather for the bears.

These and many more attractions are those found in Canada, which are recommended to be visited during this year.

6 Better than the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu Golf Courses in Canada

In Canada, golf is one of the most practiced sports in the country, 20% of the almost 35 million citizens practice this sport, being very common to see golf courses around the country, therefore there are many fields with different Features, one of the best is The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, but there are better. Here a list of X Better than The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu Golf Courses in Canada.

Banff Springs Golf Course

Located in the 4-star Canadian hotel Fairmont Banff Springs, which has one of the best environments and landscapes in the world, surrounded by rocky mountains and rivers. The golf course has 27 holes, it is recommended to be used by golf players of all categories, it is open from May to October because it is the season in which the climatic conditions are the best to play.

Links at Crowbush Cove

One of the best golf courses in North America, located near Edward Island’s northern coastline at the Rodd Crowbush Golf and Beach Resort, this course offers a variety of challenges and adventures during its course, experts say that anyone who plays in That field is ready to play in any field in the world, due to the difficulty it offers.

Cabot Links Golf Course

It is a field located on the shore of the beach, offering an amazing and wonderful view in each of its holes, the first 5 holes, are at the edge of the sea, has 18 holes in total, that is, are 18 holes of pure beauty. Cabot Links itself is a prestigious resort that has beautiful cabins, villas, and houses with ocean views and quality services.

Dakota Dunes Golf Links

Winner of an award for best course, Dakota Dunes Golf Links, located in Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, specifically in the historic area of the city to attract more people, created in 2004 by renowned architects and builders from around the world and belongs to the salon of the fame of the golf courses in the world, in that area of ​​the country it was impossible to create a natural field, therefore they built one.

Big Sky Golf Club

Known for being one of the top fields in the country and for being a destination much sought after by golfers, the Big Sky Club, located in Whistler, was opened in 1994 and has three golf courses within the same called Nicklaus North Course, Whistler Golf Course, and Fairmont Chateau Course. It is a destination surrounded by mountains and green landscapes, which makes it a much photographed golf course in Canada.

St. George’s Golf and Country Club

It is a prestigious golf course, built in 1929, wished by many golfers for its antiquity and its prestige. It has hosted 5 openings of Canadian golf in its facilities, in 2015 it was named the best golf course in Canada, it is special for its last 4 holes and for the iconic structures that lie on it.

These and many more fields are found throughout the country receiving millions of players from around the world, to enjoy its facilities and its beautiful natural landscapes.