5 Facts about La Salle Every Visitor Should Know

LaSalle is a municipality of the province of Quebec, which belongs to the state of Montreal independent province since 2002. LaSalle is a city with more than 106 years of foundation. Here is a list of the 5 facts that you should know if you visit LaSalle:

History Of The City

Its name is inspired by the name of the French explorer Robert René Cavelier de La Salle who was the founder of it in 1912. This city has many French characteristics for the same reason. It is strongly known for its educational quality in public schools.

Demographic Variety

It is a municipality with a great demographic variety, it counts with citizens of great part of the world but mainly they are citizens Canadians, French, Italians, Jamaicans, East Indians, Chinese, Polish and Irish.

LaSalle has an increasing population of 76,853 citizens, with a very diverse racial, ethnic and linguistic variety, approximately 37% are foreigners in the city, and therefore several languages are spoken both in the city and in the country.

Among the languages spoken in the city are French with 42% of speakers, English with 32% of speakers and other languages ​such as Spanish, Chinese and Arabic have 22% of speakers in the city.

Religiously the city of LaSalle is very varied, but the dominant religion is Christianity with 73% of parishioners and the remaining 27% belongs to the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish religions or does not belong to any religion.

Distraction Places

Among the most prominent places for daily distraction in LaSalle are the Angrignon Mall that has movie theaters, food fair, and various shops, there is also the Lachine canal and the l´Aqueduc Canal, historical places with recreational areas and with great value for the city.

We also find the L’Octagone library, place with great educational interest where we can find books and documents of all times and with a great historical contribution. The Île aux Hérons migratory bird refuge, the Parc Angrignon, the Saints-Anges archeological spot and Rapides Park are recommended sites for distraction and relax, in which you will have a lot of contact with nature and the environment.

Economy and Infrastructure

LaSalle, has approximately 5 large companies throughout the city that give economic support to it, among them is a taxi line, a distillery of alcohols, two shopping centers, among others important companies.

The most useful public infrastructure is the train station, which serves as a transport and benefit to most citizens, who can move throughout the city from its south side to its north side and from its east side to its west side , you can also send your packages through the train service as well.


The city of LaSalle has several sports teams in different disciplines, has a football team called Warriors, a hockey team called Cougars, a baseball team called LaSalle Cardinals, a soccer team called LaSalle Rapids.

The stadium in the city is called Stade Éloi-Viau and is the most important stadium where the baseball team plays its games.

LaSalle is a very interesting city which has many things to offer its visitors, therefore it is a very valuable destination with a lot of diversity and fun that you should not miss.