5 Tourist Attractions to Visit Next Time You’re in Quebec

Canada is a country with a lot of attractions to visit for tourists and citizens who live there, both historical, fun, educational and of all kinds. The province of Quebec has a part of these tourist attractions and here is a list of tourist places you should definitely visit in Quebec.

The Canadian Museum of History

The museum of the history of Canada dates from the year 1856, is one of the oldest in the world, its collection contains objects of more than 20,000 years of antiquity and has more than 4 million of them, has a large room with objects of great importance for the country.

It has a 3D + cinema, in which movies are reproduced films related to the history of the country and the world geography. There is also a great variety of samples of houses and native figures. In the museum, we can find a wonderful view of the Ottawa River.

Quartier du Petit Champlain

In Quebec European roots are handled, by their French descent, therefore their thought has some European form, with that comes the Quartier du Petit Champlain which is an old Canadian neighborhood, one of the oldest in North America with great French influence, this Full of clothing stores, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Its streets are made of stone and in them the smell of restaurants is fascinating, so if you want to visit this neighborhood, go prepared to taste delicious traditional foods.

Old Montreal

Its name is right, Old Montreal, is a tourist area of Quebec, dating from 1642, this area is where the city of Montreal was created, its streets are made of European stone and are visited by tourists on foot or by bicycle, It is the center of the city where hundreds of shops are located, such as boutiques, restaurants, cafes and sources of sod.

In January this area is completely full, tourists visit the city to make igloos, this in the Igloofest, a festival of electronic music held in the city during the winter.

Hôtel de Glace

It is the only ice hotel located in North America, and fortunately is located in the city of Quebec, which has been hosting tourists for more than 15 years, each time with more creative ideas, from an ice bar, a spa where you can be for an hour enjoying relaxing massages, to an ice bed where you can sleep.

From January to March you can enjoy this place with a warmer temperature, but it will still be cold.

The Montreal Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden, one of the largest in the world, where you can stop and feel the smell of different flower species, in total about 22,000 including trees, in which are 20 greenhouses, 10 thematic gardens and shops in which You can buy souvenirs related to the same garden.

In it, we can find exotic flowers such as orchids, lotus flowers, and tropical flowers kept in thanks to the greenhouses that are there. It is very close to the city downtown, being just a few minutes from the Olympic stadium and the bio dome.

These and many more sites are important attractions in the city of Quebec, Montreal, where you can enjoy different places of interest and recreation. Therefore, if you go to Quebec, you will not spend your dull stay.