4 National Parks to Visit if you’re in Canada

Canada has many beautiful and impressive national parks to visit and know throughout the country, in addition to having many areas of entertainment in each of them. Canadian citizens and tourists use these areas for many purposes including sports, hiking, camping, among other things. So here we leave a list with the x National Parks to Visit if You’re in Canada.

Fundy National Park

Beautiful national park, located in New Brunswick, specifically 8 miles from the Bay of Fundy, extends to the Acadian forest.

It is one of the largest and most visited marine parks in the country, due to its exclusivity and its marine theme, it has beautiful narrows that you can visit and know, besides it has coasts of extensive beaches that can be traveled by tourists until you reach the beautiful waterfalls.

The Bay of Fundy has waterfalls over 12 meters high. During your visit, you can request a guide throughout the park led by guides qualified by the state for this, plus you can make aquatic expeditions to observe the marine life in the park.

Mount Revelstoke and Glacier

It is a park located in the city of Revelstoke, in British Columbia, this park serves as a division between Vancouver and Calgary, among them is a highway with stalls for shopping and for tourists.

It is characterized by having beautiful trails in which you can breathe fresh air and have a different day with your family, has a parking lot near the park to 5 minutes specifically. A small river crosses the park which comes from one of the only mountains in Canada.

It has beautiful views that fascinate tourists who visit it daily, in this park you can enjoy a bike ride through a 26 KM route during the spring. In the winter you can enjoy a beautiful frozen landscape, you can also practice winter sports such as skiing.

Gros Morne National Park

It is located in Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada, near the ocean, is the second largest national park in Canada, is protected by UNESCO, contains endless reserves of granite, its forests are beautiful and have their shores in the ocean.

In this park you can enjoy the beautiful Geography of the world, it contains beautiful waterfalls, this park is very visited by geologists from all over the world because of its location, in it, you can observe the tectonic plates and their movements. In this park, you have access to rare rocks from more than billions of years ago.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Park located in the city of Nova Scotia, in the northern portion of the Cape Breton Islands, in the waters of the Atlantic. It is a unique mixture of habitats and climates, not found anywhere else in Canada, it has a biome of tundra, forest, beach, and canyons.

This union of biomes generates a special feature that gives space to endangered species so they can live calmly and get out of that state, has outlets to the ocean, mountains, and forest throughout the park.

These and many other national parks are part of Canada, adding beauty and nature to the country, if you go to Canada you should not miss these parks.